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Body scrub - Sensinity

Body scrub - Sensinity

body scrub, 400ml

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How to use

To use Sensinity Body Scrub, start by wetting your skin in the shower or bath, apply an appropriate amount of the product, massaging gently with circular movements, rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry your skin gently with a towel. After exfoliation, apply a body moisturizer to keep your skin smooth and well cared for.


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Sensinity Body Scrub is a skin care product that provides a complete purifying and renewing experience. This effective exfoliant purifies and removes dead skin cells , leaving it with a more even tone and smoother texture. Furthermore, its unique formula deeply cleans and hydrates , improving skin elasticity. With the option to choose between two engaging scents, you can personalize your skincare experience while enjoying the revitalizing benefits of this Sensinity exfoliator.

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