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Body Scrub - Fruit Of The Wokali

Body Scrub - Fruit Of The Wokali

body scrub, 500ml

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How to use

1. Wet your skin with warm water to open the pores.
2. Apply the exfoliant and massage gently in circular movements.
3. Let it act for a few minutes.
4. Rinse well with warm water.
5. Gently towel dry and continue with your skin care regimen.

Use once or twice a week, depending on your skin's needs. Choose from 13 available scents for a personalized skin care experience.


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Fruit of Wokali Scrubs are essential for revealing radiant , healthy skin. With a formula enriched with a natural exfoliating complex, these products unclog pores and gently remove blackheads and dead cells that can harm the skin's natural complexion.

Collagen and vitamin E work together for gentle and effective exfoliation, eliminating impurities and dirt. Additionally, essential oils detoxify skin cells, while natural brightening oils provide clearer, smoother, healthier skin. The Scrubs are hypoallergenic , non -comedogenic and 100% natural , ensuring a high-quality skin care experience. With 13 scents available, you can customize your exfoliation experience according to your preferences.

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