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Collagen Peptide Facial Mask

Collagen Peptide Facial Mask

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Collagen Peptides.

How to use

Rinse and dry your face well. Remove the mask from the packaging and smooth it over your face. Relax for 15 to 20 minutes with the mask on. There's no need to rinse your face when you're done. Simply massage the remaining essence onto your face/neck/arms as the serum is rich in vitamins and nutrients.


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Haokal i Collagen Peptide Face Mask is a powerful skin care solution that offers intensive regeneration, helping to prevent premature aging . With the ability to deeply hydrate the skin, this mask provides visible results in just a few minutes, leaving the face looking noticeably younger and more revitalized.

Furthermore, regular use of this mask not only offers immediate benefits, but also strengthens the skin's resistance, helping to prevent the appearance of visible wrinkles in the future. Whether for individual use or in a box of 10, this mask is a valuable addition to any skincare regime, providing a boost of rejuvenation and long-lasting hydration .

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