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Flower Scented Cotton Flower 65ml

Flower Scented Cotton Flower 65ml

Fragrant flower, 65ml

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Fragrância floral fresca com coração subtil e levemente almiscarado. Com uma nota de saída fresca e limpa e uma nota verde. As notas de corpo incluem uma nota floral, rosa e pêssego, e almíscar como nota de base.


Notas olfativas:

- Notas de topo: fresco, limpo, verde
- Notas de corpo: floral, rosa, ozônico, pêssego
- Notas de base: Almíscar

How to use

1. Remova a tampa do plug e aparafuse a guarnição de volta.
2. Coloque a flor na jarra.
3. A flor absorve o perfume no seu interior e continua a expandir-se assim que o líquido acaba.


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Fresh floral fragrance with a subtle, slightly musky heart. new format decorative air freshener to the house where the perfume is diffused in the rooms through a beautiful flower . This flower, handcrafted in cellulosic material, absorbs the aroma at the same time that it acquires beauty when it opens, flooding every corner of the house with an intense and lasting aroma. Its formula was developed so that the flower continues expanding the aroma when the liquid runs out, so it lasts longer.

How to use:

  1. Remove the plug cover and screw the gasket back on.
  2. Place the flower in the vase.
  3. The flower absorbs the perfume inside and continues to expand once the liquid runs out.

Olfactory notes:

  • top notes: fresh, clean, green
  • Body notes: floral, rose, ozonic, peach
  • Base notes: Musk

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