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Collagen Cleansing Gel

Collagen Cleansing Gel

cleansing gel, 120ml

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How to use

Place a generous amount of facial soap in the palm of your hand, massage for 2 to 3 minutes and wash. Use this face wash twice a day.


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Fruit of The Wokali Cleansing Gel is a special blend of natural gold and herbal extract, designed to remove dead skin cells, dirt and makeup, whilst restoring the skin's natural moisture. Its formula promotes a youthful appearance, brightening and balancing the skin , providing a radiant and rejuvenating glow with regular use.

Furthermore, the cleansing gel, enriched with 100% pure collagen , restores dead skin cells and prevents acne, while hydrating and nourishing the skin. With anti-aging properties, it helps brighten and smooth the skin, removing dark spots and leaving it looking firmer and more youthful. With a deep cleanse, it effectively removes dirt from pores, facilitates makeup removal and reveals a clearer, more radiant complexion, thanks to its natural antimicrobial ingredients that help kill bacteria safely and effectively. This gel is suitable for all skin types.

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