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Cucumber Facial Mask Haokali

Cucumber Facial Mask Haokali

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Cucumber extract.

How to use

To use the Cucumber Haokali Sheet Mask, simply clean your face, apply the mask, leave it on for 15-20 minutes, remove and massage your face to absorb excess product. No need to rinse. Use as needed for refreshed, radiant skin.


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The Cucumber Haokali Sheet Mask offers an intensive hydration experience, providing the skin with an invigorating boost of freshness and vitality . With its composition rich in cucumber extract , this mask not only deeply hydrates, but also tones the skin, leaving it smooth and radiant .

Furthermore, its beneficial effect on cellular metabolism helps restore the skin's vitality , while its soothing properties are ideal for calming the skin after prolonged exposure to the sun, ensuring a comforting and rejuvenating sensation .

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