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Belly and Waist Weight Loss Cream

Belly and Waist Weight Loss Cream

Fruit of the Wokali

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Capacity: 150ml



Vitamin E Collagen and Elastin.

How to use

Every night apply the cream wherever you want before going to sleep, spread the cream to absorb.

Massage Method Apply appropriate amount to the body gently up and down, massaging for a few minutes, until the product is completely absorbed
To strengthen, strictly follow the product using the massage method.


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To have a slim waist and a toned tummy, try our Fruit of the Wokali Weight Loss Cream! This revolutionary product is the perfect ally for those looking to reduce size and tone their skin. With an advanced formula, it not only burns unwanted fat but also leaves your skin firm and rejuvenated.


  • Natural and Gentle Formula: Made with natural ingredients that do not irritate the skin, providing a gentle and safe experience.
  • Versatility: Suitable for reducing waist, back, hip, arms and legs measurements, making you more confident and attractive.
  • Stimulates Circulation: Helps to accelerate the circulation system, eliminating excess water, waste and fat, for effective weight reduction.
  • Fat Burning: Effective in breaking down localized fat, stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation for visible results.
  • Nutrition and Firmness: Replenishes the skin's essential nutrients, promoting a firmer and more toned appearance, especially in the abdominal region.

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