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Strawberry cream - Essence for diffuser

Strawberry cream - Essence for diffuser

essence, 50ml

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Why will you love them?

Other essences have a high percentage of oily part and cannot mix with water, which is why we do not receive 100x100 of their aroma when vaporized and generate an oily residue in the tank that can irreparably damage the diffusers.

*Compatible with Ambar Perfums Essence diffusers.


Strawberry Cream: Top note where refreshing notes of strawberry predominate along with creamy milk accords. Appetizing body of strawberries accompanied by notes of pastry. Base where sweet vanilla and caramel predominate.

How to use

Enjoy the delicious fragrance of Strawberry Cream with The Fruit Company Diffuser Essence. Just add a few drops to your diffuser, dilute in water and enjoy a fragrant and relaxing environment. These essences, in partnership with Ambar Perfums, are pure and free from impurities, maintaining the intense and pure aroma. Transform your space with ease and let yourself be enveloped by the sweet, comforting aroma of strawberries.


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Enjoy the benefits of Aromatherapy, water vapor and the sweetness of Strawberry Cream with a purer and more intense aroma, thanks to The Fruit Company Strawberry Cream Humidifying Essence.

The Fruit Company partners with Ambar Perfums so that you can also have your favorite aromas in the Essences format for diffusers. Concentrated essences free of impurities that are completely diluted in water while maintaining all their aromatic properties.

Benefits of the Diffuser


  • Restores ideal humidity values ​​in the environment.

  • Improves breathing.

  • Prevents dryness of eyes and skin.


  • Reduce stress.
  • Balance emotions.
  • Improve concentration.


  • Helps create a relaxing environment

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